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Commercial Security

Global Security utilizes the GE Security Concord 4 for all Residential and Commercial Systems. Concord™ 4 is a full-featured security system for intrusion and fire detection that complies with false alarm standards. Easy to install and simple to use, Concord's modular design and advanced software provide outstanding system flexibility to meet the needs of virtually any residential or commercial security application.

Although Global supports nearly any system you may already have, the Concord's Security, Customizability, and Ease of Use make it the system of choice for many applications.

Sturdy and Secure

Unlike many table-top systems, the Concord is placed inside a metal enclosure in a closet, bedroom, or garage, to ensure protection against potential intruders smashing the system. This ensures that alarm signals are sent, even if an intruder attempts to destroy the Security System.


The Concord comes equipped with capabilities for 8 Hardwired Zones and/or 96 Wireless Zones. This means Global can take over some existing zones as well as fully secure any home without relying on additional modules or expansions.

Easy to Use

Customers continue to rave about the Concord's ease of use. With Alarm.com, Global can enable customers to change user codes, set notifications, and even create arming schedules directly from a web interface. No hassle with button-pushing, just log in to your personalized system page and make any necessary changes. And, with features like Quick Arm, Keychain Remotes, and Auto-stay arming, Concord is easy to use daily as well.

Next Generation of Reporting

Global has always offered full customized response, calling any phone number before dispatching on an alarm. With Alarm.com, Global can install a module that will allow for text messages, phone messages, or emails when any device is tripped. This interactive feature also allows for remote arming and disarming, as well as viewing cameras in the event of an alarm. This tool is great for checking in on your home or business at any time!

Automation Made Easy

With Alarm.com, your home security system can not only notify you of Security events, but provide remote control and monitoring of your lights, locks, and even thermostat! By incorporating EmPower, Global Security can help you maintain efficient energy levels in your home and keep your home comfortable and safe! Forgot to turn off the heat? Log onto your smartphone and turn it off! The locks feature is perfect for allowing guests into your home when you can't be there (babysitter, housekeeper) while maintaining confidence and security.

  • Notices of security events can be sent to you via email, text message, or voice communication (Requires Alarm.com)
  • Motion Sensors provide a second line of defense, detecting the body heat of an intruder while maintaining free movement of pets in the home.
  • Door and Window Sensors to Protect every access point to your home or business. Sensors can be completely hidden.
  • Optional Keychain Remote allows arming and disarming with the touch of a button—no codes required!
  • Portable Panic Buttons make it easy to get help in an emergency, whether medical or intrusion-related.
  • Smoke and Heat Detectors are monitored and remain active 24 hours a day.
  • Environmental sensors can warn you of a variety of dangers within your home-including Carbon Monoxide and flood sensors.

Video Surveillance

Today's savvy businessman understands the value of knowledge. The knowledge of pricing, competitors, labor, and equipment are all vital parts of a business. With a CCTV system from Global Security, customers can view, from anywhere in the world, their facilities at the touch of a button.

Whether you want to see that the office was opened on time or check the video footage from a potential theft or other conflict, our easy-to-use software allows specific searches for time frames on a variety of cameras.

With 4, 8, or 16 channel DVR's, Global can provide:
  • Up to 1 Terrabyte of record time-good for multiple months of recording time!
  • Motion Sensors provide a second line of defense, detecting the body heat of an intruder while maintaining free movement of pets in the home.
  • Speedy playback of events- search for specific times through an easy-to-use interface
  • Transfer video to USB Drive-allows for easy transfer of any important footage
  • Motion Detection Recording- Expedites review of Activity by searching for activity
  • Smoke and Heat Detectors are monitored and remain active 24 hours a day.
  • Live and Recorded Views-Remote, on-site, or networked connections mean viewing from virtually anywhere.
  • Expandable-Start small and add more cameras as you feel the need.
  • Cash Register Interfacing- Have accurate views of individual transactions through recorded viewing.
  • Public View Monitors- Show employees and customers that their actions are being recorded, providing security for your store and your employees.



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