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Six Benefits of a Commercial Fire System

June 2, 2021 Commercial Fire

No matter the size of your business, you need to invest in a commercial fire alarm system that protects your employees, assets, and property from fire and smoke damage. The average commercial fire can be avoided with a proper fire alarm system like Kidde Fire Systems integrated with other systems. Here are six reasons to install a commercial fire alarm system for your business.

Prevent Property Damage

The slightest amount of smoke should be enough to trigger an advanced fire alarm system. Kidde Fire Systems offer air sampling smoke detectors with photoelectric and thermal capacities, so you and the fire department can efficiently respond before the smoke becomes a raging fire. Whether your business is in a kitchen or aboard a ship, Global Security offers systems appropriate for you.

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Protect your Employees

A professionally installed fire alarm system should be easy to operate and monitor for you and your employees to help protect their lives. The sooner everyone is aware of a fire, the sooner they can remove themselves from harm and avoid being trapped in a life-threatening situation. Advanced business fire alarm systems like Kidde offer notification appliances, which alert employees through audible and visible warning devices for notification and evacuation.

Contact the Fire Department Quickly

The moment an emergency occurs, an advanced commercial fire system will automatically alert you and the appropriate authorities so firefighters can quickly respond to deal with the damage. In the meantime, a solid fire alarm system should do its best to limit the damage done. Kidde Fire Systems offers sprinkler systems that extinguish fires by discharging a fine water mist at high velocity without damaging property.

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Get 24-Hour Protection

Most fires occur when employees aren’t even on the property, usually during weekends and nights. Fire alarms are necessary even when you aren’t present, but Kidde Systems offer Intellisite Remote Monitoring capabilities to send you alerts when you aren't at your business. You’ll be able to access your alarm system remotely to ensure everything is operating smoothly and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your system always has an eye on your property.

Minimize Costs of Damages

The most expensive thing that could happen to your business is the destruction of your assets in a fire. Investment in a high-quality fire alarm system is well worth ensuring your business is safe from harm. Furthermore, a commercial fire alarm system that's up-to-date and consistently tested will lower your insurance costs, eliminate potential fines during inspections, and decrease your overhead. You don't ever want to be unprepared in case of disaster.

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Integrate Other Security Systems

A fire alarm system is a fantastic place to begin equipping your business with safety measures. You'll be able to integrate it with other systems as well, such as a security or access control system. Global Security offers capacities like video surveillance, motion detectors, and auto-locking doors that are valuable to integrate with your fire alarm system. For example, you can view CCTV cameras from your mobile device to help you see how a fire started. In a dangerous situation, your access control systems could slow employees that need to escape the property quickly. But when your fire systems are connected to access control, the former can disable the latter, which will allow people to exit much quicker with precious extra time. You'll be able to operate all your systems remotely through a centralized system with Global Security's help.

Your business must be well-protected no matter what emergency comes your way. If you're prepared to take the next step in security measures, Global Security can help you design and install a system that's perfect for your business. Give us a call today to get started!