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How to Secure Your Office With Today’s Technology

September 25, 2020 Security Surveillance Access Control

When you lock up your office building for the night, you want to go home and sleep easy knowing that your company’s assets and property are safe. It’s become easier than ever to protect your business from harm. Here at Global Security, we offer a variety of security options tailored to fit your building’s needs.

When entering the premises, workers, customers, and troublemakers alike need to see CCTV cameras. Not only do the cameras capture a record of anyone entering or exiting your business, but their presence can deter criminal activity. Well-placed cameras can also track movement around the inside and outside of your building. Add motion detectors on windows, doors, or other vulnerable areas of your office to cover areas your cameras can't reach. When one of the cameras or other sensors notices suspicious activity, you can be immediately notified so you can quickly react to any problems. Connecting the system to your office's network can even allow you to access recorded footage and view live recordings from any computer in the building.

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If any workers need to reach confidential areas of the building, it's easy to incorporate access control solutions. Whether your workers use cards or keypads to grant them entrance into this high-security area, you won't have to worry about prying eyes or hands seeing information or products that could leave your business vulnerable to theft. Clear communications systems also regulate the different people coming and going. Auto-locking doors or auto-closing gates can cover even the potential of human error.

Finally, you mustn't forget the small details necessary in keeping your office safe. Alarm systems are reliable in protecting your property and employees from harm. When fire alarm or life safety systems are triggered by smoke detectors, heat detectors, or other sensors that warn of an abnormal condition, the system automatically notifies the appropriate authorities. When time is of the essence, a quick turnaround in response time is critical to determining the outcome of your business's future.

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Of course, not every business requires all the bells and whistles of a comprehensive security system. But our team of professionals at Global Security recommends investing in an automated system that's prepared in case anything goes wrong at your commercial property. If you're ready to upgrade your system or invest in a new one, contact us today to begin your journey to protect your business.