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Choosing Between Small vs. Big Security Companies

September 2, 2020 Security Monitoring

Securing the safety of your family or business is a process that is both affordable and practical. As our name would suggest, our top service is installing security systems, the most popular electronics addition for residential and commercial buildings. While names like ADT and G4S are seen on signs outside homes, government buildings, and local businesses, it’s important to recognize you have more options than simply investing in a corporate monopoly. Here are a handful of reasons to consider when choosing between a big national company or a small local company.

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Monitoring Contracts Vs Service

Large security companies care mainly about “recurring revenue” through monitoring their contracts with clients. They aim to sell an ever-increasing number of contracts, and while we understand this as a business model we also employ, big security tends to focus on the next contract rather than the needs of their current client. Companies like ADT have millions of customers, and their limitations lie in their inability to provide personalized attention to their customers. As a mass-market solution, there is a hindrance in the care and attention they can allocate to the installation of proper systems and maintenance of reliable service. ADT provides a basic package that covers 1 keypad for 3 doors, but this is an ineffective option. One size does not fit all homes. Global Security, like most small businesses, genuinely cares about our customers’ unique situation, and we want to determine the best security system fit for your needs. As a trusted local provider, we’re only a call and a quick drive away from your Washington or Oregon home, should an issue ever arise.

The Number of Systems Offered

Most “big security” companies don’t have flexible options for security and electronics available for your home or business. Yes, they offer basic alarm system and camera packages, but there are missing details there. While a bare-bones security alarm system is satisfactory for plenty of homeowners, others want a more comprehensive package that can integrate into a whole-home automation system. Whole-house audio & video, remote access control, and automated lighting are other options we offer at Global Security that big security-focused companies simply don't have. It takes our integrators to understand and provide a variety of systems perfect for your home.

Inexperience & Lacking Knowledge

Our team is comprised of seasoned professionals; there's no room for inexperience when it comes to protecting your property and loved ones. Our technicians possess a keen eye for detail and a well of knowledge of our systems. Whether you want a complex system that fully automates your whole home's functions or just a streamlined security system, we look at each client with fresh eyes and years of field experience. As your neighbors, we're more invested in your project than corporate security companies, because we tailor our solutions to each customer, meaning you have more choices when you work with us. We can’t say the same of larger businesses, especially because they’re more likely to play by a standardized script and experience higher turnover.

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Who wants to become another number?

As we said before, big security companies monitor accounts instead of individual people. Quantity is the goal over quality to keep investors happy. Their script is designed to offer a standard procedure of installation and continued service. Perhaps knowing countless others have placed their trust in Big Security gives you a level of comfort, but that feeling will dissolve once you see their limitations: they won’t cover all the windows you want, or can’t offer that extra keypad where you need it. When you need troubleshooting now, their next technician isn’t available until a few days from now at an inconvenient time. Compare this to Global Security; we are confident in our detailed plan of your system and our transparency in communicating all your options clearly. Our technicians are prepped to meet your needs when and where they arise, and we’re flexible in working with your schedule. To us, you’re more than a number.

In the end, it’s your choice to go with a small local business or a giant national corporation. We trust you’re smart enough to make the choice best for you. But if you’re feeling ready to work with a company that knows you by name and makes time for your security needs, feel free to contact Global Security today to get started!