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Welcome to a Day in the life of an Integrated Office

August 21, 2020 Business Automation

Being the first one to the office doesn’t have to be an irritating responsibility. Imagine as the first worker at the office to arrive, you know that you have intelligent systems already working for you. Once you enter your security code and disarm the system, you’ll notice that the lights automatically switch on, the temperature automatically adjusts to “work” mode, and your morning playlist plays in the hallways. You have eased into a peaceful morning that grants you a few extra minutes or hours to organize your files, meetings, and emails in streamlined comfort.

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As the rest of your co-workers begin to arrive for the 9:00 meeting, you start up the conference room system with the tap of a button. Background audio plays softly while you pull up the latest presentation to show on the main screen. You decide if you want to use microphone lapel systems, network access, or multi-screen integration for your presentation. The touch of a button adjusts different sets of lighting depending on what you need to be on or off. You can select a "Morning Meeting" preset to maintain convenience and save energy. Once everyone is seated, you use videoconferencing, which utilizes telecommunications and Audio/Video to add in remote workers from different sites. However, it works just as well if you need it for a one-on-one conference too.

When the morning meeting is all wrapped up, everyone returns to their desks to continue the daily grind. If you want to liven up the office atmosphere, distributed audio systems allow users to spend more time working and less time wrestling with complicated stereo systems. You can control the music from any keypad, whether you’d like the play music in your room or across the whole office. You could even grant employees the ability to control the music.

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As you wrap up the day’s work and each coworker ambles home for the evening, the last person in the office won’t have any issue locking up. Select your automated setting for “Night Security,” which may include switching on nighttime CCTV cameras and auto-locking doors, and arming fire alarm systems and motion detectors. A variety of security options can leave you sleeping easy at night knowing your busy is safe.

Our team is the key to the installation of all these automation solutions so you can experience a fully automated office. If you're feeling ready to take the next step to integrate your office, call us at Global Security today to get started!