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Optimize your CCTV System

August 3, 2020 Security Surveillance

As a homeowner, it’s hard to achieve total peace of mind unless you have a fully secure home. It’s essential to make sure all your bases are covered; when they aren’t, the results can be devastating. If you have security cameras on your property, keeping them on 24/7 in proper positioning is the first step to getting the most out of your CCTV system. The professionals here at Global Security have a handful of additional tips and tricks to optimize your home security camera system quickly. Whether you’re fixing your current system, upgrading to something new, or buying a brand new one, keep these things in the forefront of your mind.

Set Up Your System

First, you've got to make sure your setup is crystal clear. Double-check to see if your cameras are correctly positioned. Are they facing in a variety of directions to cover more ground? Do they capture an unblocked view? Do you have plenty of pixels on the target, whether they’re moving or standing still? Test your shutter speed; you may need to increase the speed in case the default factory settings aren’t quick enough to freeze any captured movement. Check your lighting throughout the day; it’s likely there’s a difference in the camera’s performance in daylight, night time, and under artificial light. Make adjustments as needed until you have the perfect setup.

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Monitor your CCTV

There's more to it than simply setting up your cameras then leaving them alone. You should check up on recorded footage. It's a good habit to start, not only for your safety but also for noting how your CCTV is performing. You’ll notice within hours if a spot covers the lens, if the camera has shifted, or anything like a trash bin obscures the view. You can set up the system so you receive email notifications if you lose video, your hard drive fails, or someone moves the cameras.

Evaluate Occasionally

It’s important to create reminders to check and evaluate your CCTV once every 3 months. Create a quick checklist of parameters you want your camera system to meet when you conduct evaluations. You’ll be able to test the quality of recordings and ensure all your vulnerable spots are covered. The more regularly you check, the more likely you are to catch problems before they arise.

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Invest in Preventative Measures

Your investment in your security shouldn't stop at a CCTV system. Although a burglar is less likely to break into your home at the sight of cameras, a few extra measures can only serve to help your family more. We suggest considering the addition of burglar bars, alarm systems, or motion-sensor lighting around your property to further deter break-ins. If anything, common sense is free to use! Form connections with your neighborhood, so you can contact each other with information on local break-ins, share CCTV footage, and tip-off local police.

Get a Professional Opinion

Along the way, you may get a bit confused with your CCTV system. If you're feeling unsure how to effectively set up or utilize your CCTV system, you can always ask us! Our certified professionals are more than happy to give advice, upgrades, or changes to your CCTV system. It's possible you only need a few adjustments to begin working perfectly. Whatever you need, we’re here to help you! Contact Global Security today to get started.